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LINF provides grants to support medical educational activities within CNS disorders. Health Care Professionals, medical schools, academic centres, hospitals, non-profit organizations and medical Societies are eligible to apply for a LINF educational grant.

The content and/or the format of the LINF supported medical educational activities must be designed in such a way that it addresses the educational needs of Health Care Professionals to improve the management of patients.
LINF does not control nor influence the content of educational programs or the selection of the speakers.

Grant Application Process

  • The LINF Board reviews applications twice a year during LINF Board meetings in April and November.
  • Grant applications must be submitted no later than 1st March and 1st October to the relevant LINF Board meeting.
  • The LINF Board provides yearly grants up to a maximum of 15,000 EURO per application.
  • Applications must contain clear medical education objectives and describe how the activities meet the objectives.
  • Applications must be designed so their value is readily ascertainable and assessed using rigorous evaluation.
  • Grant recipients must submit a report that evaluates the outcome of the event  to the LINF Board

For further information please contact Manager of Operations Marianne Helwigh (

Profit Awarded to Grants:

The part of the Foundation’s profit that is to be awarded may be awarded for the following purposes:

  1. The Foundation may support educational and training purposes in the broadest sense of the words.
  2. The Foundation may support other purposes determined by the governing body, but in each calendar year grants for such other purposes shall not amount to more than 25% of the year’s total grants.

The governing body shall be under no obligation to give any of the above purposes higher priority than others. 

The Foundation has supported educational and training purposes with the amount of DKK 503,925 in 2015.

The Foundation has supported educational and training purposes with the amount of DKK 692,000 in 2016.

Overview of regions where grants have been allocated:

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